How to fix wrong CPT slug in Yoast SEO breadcrumbs?

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If you are using Yoast SEO for your WordPress to optimize your search visibility, you may also utilize the breadcrumbs feature.

Many WordPress website use custom post types (CPT) to organize their content.

A typical bug that may appear when you combine custom post types with Yoast SEO breadcrumbs is a wrong slug or title for the CPT. Most of the time, this comes from modifying your CPT information (e.g. the title).

Example: the breadcrumbs may show “Animals / Sea / Zebra” but you had recently corrected the category name so that it should be “Animals / Land / Zebra”.

This bug can easily be fixed like this:

1. Download, install, and activate Yoast Test Helper plugin

You can find the plugin in the official repository at

2. Reset indexables tables & migrations

Go to your WordPress backend at and navigate to Tools > Yoast Test.

On this page, find the section Yoast SEO (the one with the grey button collection). Find the button Reset Indexables tables & migrations and hit it.

3. (optional) Re-run SEO data optimization

The first two steps of this guide should already have resolved your issue. You can test this by going to your website and checking it.

It is recommended to re-run Yoast’s SEO data optimization once to complete your maintenance. Navigate to Yoast’s general settings at Yoast SEO > General. You should see a notification that offers a button to start SEO data optimization. Click it and you’re done.