How to fix WordPress Multisite wrong blog titles and URLs?

WordPress Multisite is a powerful tool to build your network of websites easily.

Every single website within your multisite network will have its dedicated URL and title. This is how you would usually set them.

Configuring blog title in WordPress Multisite

You can configure your website’s blog title in a WordPress Multisite environment similar to how you’d do it with a regular WordPress website.

  1. Enter the admin dashboard of the corresponding website at
  2. Navigate to Settings > General.
  3. Enter your desired site title
Configuring the blog title in WordPress (Multisite)
Configure the blog title in WordPress (Multisite)

Configuring the blog URL in WordPress Multisite

To edit the blog URL of a single website within your WordPress Multisite installation you need to access the Network Admin. Once there, you can follow these simple steps to configure your blog URL.

  1. Navigate to Sites > All Sites.
  2. Click Edit below the corresponding website.
  3. Enter your desired Site Address (URL).
Configuring the blog URL in WordPress Multisite
Configure the blog URL in WordPress Multisite

[Bugfix] Fix WordPress Multisite wrong blog titles and URLs

You may occasionally come across the case that changing the blog title and/or URLs of your multisite websites does not become effective.

The most obvious reason for this is a broken WordPress Multisite configuration. Make sure that you have configured your wp-config.php and your .htaccess files as specified under Settings > Network Setup within the Network Admin of your Multisite.

If everything is correctly set up, the next step would be to disable all plugins and check if this helps.

If the error still persists, there is another place where the bug may sit:

  1. Navigate to the filesystem of your website.
  2. Check if there are any files under wp-content/mu-plugins.
  3. Create a copy of all those files in a safe place (outside of your WordPress installation).
  4. Delete one after the other of these files and find out which one causes the bug.

Hint: If there is a file memcache-fix.php the chance is high that this file causes the trouble.


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